What’s this all about then?

Being a tale of 60 songs and an unexplored life… 

This tale is an exercise in procrastination. It’s taken me ages to write this which will go some way to explaining some of the out of date references. I’ve refrained from editing too much though in an effort to maintain a certain level of truth to the proceedings. This is a personal thing and if you do stumble across it I apologise because most of it will mean little to anyone but me.


In fact, leave now you’ll be doing yourself a favour! Maths geeks out there may notice that there are in fact 61 entries but, hey-ho! The pictures mean nothing and are selected at random using a fairly complex algorithm, (“Have I used that one yet? No! That’ll do!”), and bear no relation, apart from a couple of cases, to the written content!

There’s also an accompanying Spotify Playlist “Colins House” if you really want to go for the whole multimedia experience but again, no real message here, just a bunch of songs; some I like, some, well not so much…





For Mark Radcliffe

Il migglior fabbro

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